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Who we are:

AMCO  manages a variety of investments directly and indirectly connected with the development of the Marcellus and the Utica formations. AMCO was formed at the heart of the Appalachian basin and a native to the State of West Virginia, with a team of skilled professional Petroleum Landman, Geologist, Attorney, and WellBore Engineers with a combined 40+ years of experience in legal, title, leasing, minerals, right of ways, and land acquisitions and 40+ years experience in the Appalachian Basin of the oil and gas industry. We're your trusted professionals here to help you! 

Why work with us:
Over the years we have worked with mineral owners, attorneys, family trusts, oil and gas operators, financial advisors, and banking institutions. AMCO provides oil and gas mineral valuations, purchase/sales offers, help with leasing, curing title, and anything related to helping you and your family get the most out of your oil and gas mineral asset.
Fully Staffed with Professionals        
  • 20+ year In-house Petroleum Landmen

  • Mineral Advisors / Appraisers 

  • In-house Oil and Gas Attorney

  • In-house Geologist

  • Backing Investment Firms

  • 40+ years in the Appalachian Basin

  • Leasing your oil and gas mineral rights

  • Mineral valuations/mineral advising 

  • Oil and Gas mineral title issues, curative and due diligence 

  • Right of Way easements

  • Providing mapping, development, and activity in the Appalachian Basin

For services including help with leases, title, mapping, and any other due diligence, please fill out the contact us form.

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If you're looking to diversify your oil and gas mineral assets, let us help evaluate your assets and place you with an investment company that will pay you top dollar.

AMCO works with oil and gas investment groups that purchase producing and non-producing oil and gas minerals and/or royalties on shallow and deep oil and gas wells in Northern West Virginia, NE, SW Pennsylvania, and SE Ohio. We work with mineral and royalty owners who want to sell a portion or all of their oil and natural gas interests for cash for a premium price. Selling your oil and gas mineral rights and/or royalties can be a tough decision. We help landowners gain valuable peace of mind.  

If you're interested in a mineral valuation, please fill out the form below.

Oil and Gas Mineral Valuation Form

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"My family recently (within the last 30 days) used AMCO's services to have an Oil & Gas Price Valuation done for inherited minerals in Wetzel County and Marion County. The lawyer we used to sell some minerals recommended AMCO. AMCO'S charge for doing both valuations was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend thier services."

Wilma from West Virginia 

"My family recently sold mineral rights in Wetzel County, WV. We used a highly regarded oil and gas attorney. My siblings and I inherited our minerals from our father. I have learned a lot along the way. Never accept an offer without knowing the value of your minerals. Our lawyer connected us with a company, AMCO Oil and Gas that valued our minerals for the date we inherited them (our father's death date), and also valued them if sold in 2022. You will want to know what the value was at the time they were inherited to offset your capital gains tax. This was huge in our case. You will also get knowledge of what the minerals are worth if sold this year. We sold our share in 36 acres split between various parcels. Best money we spent!"

Linda from California 

"My family and I were presented with oil and gas leases from an operator in Tyler Co, WV. We called AMCO Oil and Gas and the free services of wonderful information and education about the leases and drilling that we did not hear from the landman who presented us the leases. I highly recommend AMCO!"

Edward from West Virginia

" I was receiving multiple letters from mineral buying companies, so I reached out to AMCO and they valued my minerals out with a very professional valuation. AMCO first told me not to sell, but I really needed to diversify at this time. AMCO was able to get me 3 times the amount that the other buyers were offering. Highly Recommended!"

Judy from Ohio

" I reached out to AMCO for help with a Quit Claim deed because my brother was giving me his share of mineral rights in West Virginia and an attorney I hired was taking too long to get the job done. AMCO had the Quit Claim Deed done in a day and had it mailed to my brother and back to AMCO in two days. AMCO recorded the deed and paid the back personal property taxes for me. AMCO had all this done in a week and I would highly recommend them. 

Charles from Tennesse 

Integrity Always - We are committed to doing business the right way. Our approach is based on honesty, fairness, and respect. We work to earn your trust by being clear and straightforward in our communication, and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.​
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